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  • Derek is a rare breed with many talents, including design, web development, and creative direction. He is also excellent with clients and consistently able to produce solutions that exceed their expectations.

    I've worked with Derek on multiple occasions. In one role, he was my direct supervisor. His communication and feedback were always kind, patient, and professional. I could always count on him to help move the project forward for the better. If I had the opportunity, I would jump at the chance to work with Derek again.

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    Kenny Crippen
    Senior Front-end Developer
  • Derek is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is an exceptionally talented designer and excellent communicator. No matter how many tasks are in his queue, Derek always maintains superb consistency and knows how to prioritize work to keep the team moving forward.

    I really admire Derek’s measured professionalism and empathy when communicating with the team during challenging times, such as fast approaching deadlines. Derek is an amazing addition to any team and a driven team player.

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    Juma Stevens
    Full-stack Web Developer
  • I worked with Derek on a long-term project and can say it was one of the best designer-developer experiences I've had. Derek helped onboard me to a new design system and ensured the system's standards were upheld.

    His attention to detail is unmatched, yet he can also focus on the critical details that have the most impact. He always ensured that everyone was heard and was always willing to discuss important details. I highly recommend Derek, and I hope that we can work together again.

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    Paul Mourer
    Software Developer
  • Derek is a talented designer and strategic problem solver. I enjoyed working with him at Cloud Four on various front-end and design system projects and was consistently impressed by the quality and creativity of his output.

    Besides being talented at sketching, prototyping, and designing in the browser, he is also an experienced front-end developer and a masterful communicator. I would recommend Derek to anyone looking to fill a front-end design or strategic UX role.

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    Paul Hebert
  • I’ve partnered with Derek on multiple design and UX projects. I’ve always been impressed by the quality of his work, his broad knowledge in both design and development, and his excellent communication skills.

    Derek’s design decisions command great respect, but he is also an excellent listener and ready to adjust his visions to meet client needs. I would not hesitate to enlist Derek as a UX strategist or designer on any project.

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    Josh Schneider
    Web Developer
  • I worked with Derek on a multi-year project and enjoyed our time collaborating on user interface and design system tasks.

    Derek is patient, an excellent listener, and a great teammate. He is open-minded and graceful at giving and receiving feedback. He always strives to design inclusive experiences and ensures the results find technical, functional, and visual harmony. I highly recommend Derek as he continues forward in his career.

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    Gerardo Rodriguez
    Senior Front-end Developer