About the project

The Butcher's Brother is a unique sit-down eatery inside the Bridgeport Village Whole Foods. On this project, I worked as the creative director for Brewhouse and created the visual concept for the brand and the environmental design. I assisted with the naming, design execution, signage production, and material selection. It was an extremely rewarding and collaborative project and I think the results turned out remarkable.



The goal was to create a rich environment that was authentic, welcoming and fun.

The idea was to create a unique BBQ and pint station inside the store that would serve Whole Foods prepared BBQ menu items and feature rotating craft beer taps. The space needed to create a destination for BBQ enthusiasts and improve the experience for hungry shoppers.




The Inspiration

To begin the process, my research began (and ended) in the great state of Texas. Particularly the city of Austin because of its well-known affliction for authentic bbq. I was drawn to a certain mixture of polish and grit. I was inspired by the rich array of earth tones and textures common in the area and I wanted to recreate some of those elements in the space. The overall visual concept needed to incorporate some of these themes but it also needed to feel familiar to the NW and the local community.



The project required a significant amount of collaboration between GBD Architects, the General Contractor Abbott Construction, Brewhouse, Security Signs and the team at Whole Foods.