About the project

For this project I worked as the Creative Director and Developer with Brewhouse. From the initial pitch to the final launch I was involved with key strategic and execution phases. R&H had a large body of work. Helping them refine their approach to their portfolio organization and categories.

It was highly important for R&H to highlight their employees. Many employees have worked at R&H Construction for over 20 years, even many of their field employees. That says a lot. The Staff seems more like a family and they have a lot of experience working together. And they do great work.

I wanted their website to reflect that by creating a tool to showcase their work, their employees and their community involvement.

Part of this project also included a completely custom tool built into WordPress that allowed them to manage permissions for public and private jobs that required sub-contractor bids. The plugin we strategized and created allowed them to create Estimator Users that could create and manage jobs that were open for bid. They could make them public or private and only invite specific users to view them. Estimators could easily update the projects with documents and information. Projects could be set to expire on a specific date. Sub-contractors could register for accounts and once approved by an R&H Estimator had front end access to view projects, download documents and submit bids.

A built-in Intranet. We also created an internal intranet that employees could access from the website that allowed them to be informed of company news and information, access to important company documents such as HR Forms, Tax Documents, and company policy info. We also created a user group for HR employees to access and manage this information quickly and easily without the rest of the website CMS getting in the way.