Listen to People Smarter Than You

Someone once told me, “try to be the dumbest guy in the room as much as possible”.  I love this idea. Some of my most memorable and inspired moments have been at conferences, meet ups and bars listening to someone wax poetic or explain a topic I know very little about. I don’t put myself in those situations as often as I’d like. So I try to supplement that by listening to as many podcasts as possible. Without a doubt, podcasts are my favorite means of learning new things, staying up to date with industry news and getting inspired.  Most of the podcasts I listen to are focused around development, start ups or design. I am working on expanding the breadth of topics I choose to listen to and hopefully I can follow up with another post on that process.  For now, here are some of my favorite podcasts at the moment:

Shop Talk Show

Shop Talk show is great. Dubbed a Podcast about sound effects and front end development. Show hosts Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier keep the conversation fun and approachable. Their rapid fire or question and answer style mixed with guest interviews is perfect. This is one of those podcasts that I listen to both for entertainment and education. The quality of the stuff that both Dave and Chris put out is phenomenal and this podcast is no different. Tune in for some chuckles and Hot Drama.

Founder’s Talk

Founder’s Talk is a guest driven podcast hosted by Adam Stacoviak which provides conversational Q & A style introspective into founder stories and experiences. The backgrounds and industries represented are typically software or start up related but I have found great depth in range of stories told between the different founders. As a co-founder myself I am very interested in hearing about everything from the the initial idea, growing pains and sometimes acquisitions. A good source of inspiration and introspection podcast that I like to listen to while driving alone or riding the bus.

The Industry

The Industry is a great catch-all style podcast covering industry news, guest interviews, and reviews on software and design. The three hosts Adam Stacoviak, Jared Erondu and Drew Wilson bring a range of experience and perspective. This show has its moments of brilliance and awkwardness. Lately the recorders have become a bit sparatic but they have been doing a good job of keeping their beautiful website up to date and relevant.


A podcast about my favorite mantra. How could it be wrong? Inspiration and modivation to get shit done. Not a very regular recording but worth a listen.