2015 Goals

Looking back on 2014, it was a pretty great year. Most notably capped-off by the sale of my business. With a little extra time on my hands these days it seems only appropriate for me to take a step back and evaluate my successes and failures over the past year and establish some goals for further success in 2015.


My Goals are:

Become a more mobile developer

I’m not talking about developing more mobile websites, although I plan on doing more of that this year as well. I’m referring to being more mobile.  In 2014 I didn’t have a laptop. I had decided at some point that I had fallen out of love with working on a laptop because I was convinced that I was more productive with a larger screen. In a lot of ways this is true – I am more productive on a larger screen. I think most people are. However, not having a laptop limited me in more more ways then it benefited me. So, this past December I dropped in and purchased a laptop. My goal is be more mobile this year. Attend more conferences, work remotely more often.

Become a more social developer

Over the past couple of years I had become more buried in work. Not only was I working on growing brewhouse, seeking new work and maintaining client relations, but I was also busy concepting, designing and developing for many of our projects as well. This left me little time to get out there, network and grow my social network of like-minded individuals. This year I hope to change that. I plan on attending more meet-ups, connecting with and collaborating with more local creatives.

Better manage and schedule my time

I’ve always been pretty decent and managing my time, but I often find myself falling in the trap of being more reactive with my schedule then proactive. As I start to map out the first few months of 2015 I want to be more mindful of my time on both a macro and micro level. I’m a big fan of todoist and use it daily to manage my tasks. However, I want to supplement that this year by using my calendar as more of a to-do list for my daily tasks. I have read a few articles on the benefits of using your calendar as your to-do app. I’m not sure I could make the switch completely, but I do like the idea that it forces you to be more mindful of your available time. When making entries into a to-do list it often doesn’t let you visualize the percentage of time that your tasks will consume throughout the day.

Sell one digital product

This is the year of the side project. That think I’ve been talking about doing forever but never made enough time to get around to it. I am taking some time off for the first month or two in 2015 to re-evaluate my work and life goals and what truly makes me happy. I have been working in the client services industry for the past six years and it has always been a dream of mine to sell digital products or services. This year will hopefully be the year that I develop a sell a few digital goods. I intend to use this blog as a vehicle for documenting and sharing my experiences.

Launch a newsletter

Along side my blog, I plan on starting a newsletter this year focused toward web designers and developers that sends out a weekly curated list of the best links, resources, tools and reviews for for people who care about making the web a better place.

Say no more often

If there is one thing I have learned in business it is how important it is to say no. When I first started freelancing saying no was hard, because I felt like I needed the experience and I never quite new when that next project would come my way. However, as I’ve learned to say no to more opportunities, what has happened has I have found myself working on more rewarding and satisfying projects.