About the project

The Downtown Oregon City Association, previously the Main Street Oregon City Association had an outdated logo that just wasn't cutting the mustard anymore and they put out an RFP to agencies seeking help to redesign their identity, mark, and other branded collateral. I helped create the winning proposal while working at Brewhouse and after several interviews, we were ultimately awarded the work. I worked on this project as the creative director and designer of the final mark.


A diamond in the rough

Officially Oregon’s first Main Street, downtown Oregon City is the heart and soul of the Pacific Northwest’s cultural heritage. Just 13 miles south of Portland, Oregon City charms its residents and visitors with its small town feel and eclectic mix of shops and boutiques. Downtown Oregon City offers a smattering of restaurants, craft beer, and wine bars. It's an easy to place to visit, live, work and recreate.


Redesigning the mark

As part of the strategic identity work, I helped phase out the then-current name of Main Street Oregon City Association and made a case for the new, Downtown Oregon City Association designation. A few different concepts were set forth and several rounds of logo revisions were presented to the board and a few key community members. Through an interative reveiw process with the project stakeholders, a final mark was agreed upon. Words used to help shape the identity and mark included; familiar, quaint (but modern), active, accessible, historic, pioneering, proud and resilient.

The mark needed to be simple and easily reproduced across multiple mediums. I wanted the mark to represent the spirit of downtown's unique history, culture and industry.